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Hello, and Welcome!


For this assignment I chose to do my photo story inside, since we had the option of doing it inside our out. One of my guilty pleasures during quarantine has been puzzles. While I started documenting this puzzle closer towards its completion, I wanted to photograph it almost as if it were a marketing post […]

“Everybody Street”: a reflection

I’ve often noticed random people out and about with cameras, photographing the real world and thought to myself “note to self, stay far away from that general vicinity.” Something about having my picture taken candidly just made my stomach queasy. While watching the documentary “Everybody Street,” I saw the same fear in the faces in […]

Diptych & Triptych

My diptych and triptych sets for this week centered around being stuck inside and searching for inspiration. In regards to the triptych, I choose to take a picture of a window and an open door, both looking outside from within the house. I decided to do this because finding creativity inside has been a struggle. […]

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